About me

My profession as a software engineer and IT Manager are the natural source for my excitement for technical gadgets. I love them all

  • Tablets, smartphones and all kind of computer devices
  • Earphones, wearables and bluetooth devices
  • Hifi components
  • LED flashlights
  • Electric cars
  • Cloud computing

and relatively late I discovered photography. First I touched the Sony Alpha system, where I liked the form factor, live view, easy handling and the picture quality therefore I stayed with this system. And those cameras feel a bit like a computer, so the perfect fit for me. 🙂 But I am open for all photographic innovations regardless of the brand. With this blog I post pictures which I take during traveling, in my hometown Vienna and my neighborhood. I often experiment with techniques like post processing and HDR. I try to innovate, bring a bit excitement and will post a new picture every day  😎

  • Wide angle landscapes
  • Night shots with long exposures or available light
  • Variety of different cultures
  • City scapes and interesting perspectives
  • People and portrait – with and without flash