The start of the trip preparation begins with each family member (wife and 3 children) having a different travel request. But after a short time while the children band together they push for a goal. Then it does not take long for the spouse to give in and I stand alone. Then I think for a moment, a photo trip with friends, how harmonic, where everyone would agree.

How to combine photo-journey with family vacation. I think a lot of photographers are in the situation with the traveling with the family and still finding time to take home a copious photo collection.  By that I do not mean the family photos (of course they have their place) but the photographers’ photos.  

These are the photos for which the family never has time. You start composing, suddenly your daughter is gone. You stop the exposure and are alone on the floor. The photo was finally taken, then the search for the rest of the family starts, which in the meantime has spread in all directions.

It is even worse with the tripod. Apart from the hassle of dragging, at best tied to the photo backpack, it takes several minutes for the thing to stand. During this time, the family has already taken all the pictures with the smartphones, while I still screw the camera on the tripod. Then I plan photos with multiple focal lengths and bracketing, and again I’m alone on the floor.



The most photographically productive variant. I was with a photo friend on the Leopoldsberg in Vienna. From there, the view of the city is terrific. It was a cold winter evening; we positioned our tripods, discussed the lenses we wanted to use. My friend had his Nikon equipment with me; I was with Sony at the start.
We were then able to compare the cameras and lenses, discuss the variations of the settings and the exposure. During and after the shootings we were able to see our results on the camera screens. Time flew by; hands got more and more frozen, ears numb with a cold wind. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm was great, and the love of photography kept us on our feet. This long-term photo session is only possible with like-minded people, so you should take the time to look for a partner and go on a photo tour.



Trey Ratcliff stopped in Vienna with his 80-Stays tour. I participated in the photo walk, a great photographic experience. You go through the town with a group of 50-60 participants, exchange ideas and take lots of pictures. Photo walks are fun, and I do it more often now. Photo walks are rare in Vienna, I’m thinking of organizing one myself.



I can recommend this to any beginner and hobbyist: a small group of like-minded people, an instructor who supports. The prices are OK; you pay € 50- € 80 for a half-day course. For my birthday, I got a voucher from my colleagues for Alexander Müller, an Austrian photographer. I was able to attend three courses and above all learn star photography.