Velden in Carinthia is a touristy destination; there you will see this cool lighting of the buildings and streets in the night. They bring accents of pink on house fronts, yellow on the streets, light bands wounded around the trees. Since my hotel was middle of town, it was easy to take the tripod with me, which allowed those night shots with longer exposure. Although nearly nobody likes to carry tripods, the outcome is worth it. 🙂 I prefer to place it on the middle-back of my photo backpack, with a bag where you have to place the tripod on the side, gives you an unbalanced feel with time, the more easy, the bigger the chance that you get it with you.

Post processed with: Aurora, Photoshop

  • Camera: ILCE-7R
  • Aperture: ƒ/5.6
  • Shutter speed: 2.5s
  • Focal length: 15mm
  • ISO: 100